Carolin Koch

Carolin Koch

gold in the street

Carolin Koch is a designer and goldsmith. The fusion of functional and visual art plays an important role in her works, which take their life from the small stories that revolve around them. With her spirit of discovery and her interest in the seemingly hidden, the artist takes an almost scientific approach to her exploration of everyday objects. To make visible the noteworthy characteristics, to refine the object while leaving its soul intact. This is her approach to every piece. She finds her “gold” in the street, in objects of use, and in the seemingly everyday hodgepodge that some might view as waste. By freeing these objects from their original functions, or by showcasing the beauty of the aged and worn out, everything is presented and framed, the more idiomatic and charismatic, the better.

COLOR CHOICE I Color samples, colored cards, cut, frame: alder, 105 x 19 cm, 2012, Photo: Ignatz Deckardt

On/ Off (crown cap, paper, frame: alder, 49 x 64 cm, 2016, photo: Carolin Koch)

DivenDeLuxe (parts of used light bulbs, frame: oak, chalked up, 22 x 31 cm, 2015, photo: Carolin Koch)

Landschaftsspiel I (paper, pawn in a game, frame: birch multiplex, 40 x 53 cm, 2015, photo: Ignatz Deckardt)

Schneeberg (colourful lexiglas, map, Nivea can, frame: birch multiplex, 57 x 40 cm, 2015, photo: Ignatz Deckardt)

SHEETMETAL STRIPES Sheet metal strips (found at construction site) 116 x 35 cm, natural oak frame 2013 Photo: Ignatz Deckardt

COLORFUL SOCIETY Vintage wood clothing pins (age: from the 40’s or earlier), natural cherry frame 155 x 16 cm 2013 Photo: Ignatz Deckardt

Do you read me?! (paper, adhesive letters, Pink Panter, frame: pine, 44 x 43 cm, 2015, photo: Carolin Koch)

CHESTNUT HALVES, Castanea half (series: Second Glance), from halved chestnut, polished and waxed walnut frame, 45 x 45 cm, 2012, photo: Ignatz Deckard

Haarnadeln ist falsch, Nadelwald muss es heißen (hairpins, frame: scaffold board, 104 x 54 cm, 2012, photo: Ignatz Deckardt)

SILVER DOLLARS, CDs, sanded, scaffolding frame 104 x 54 cm 2012 photo: Ignatz Deckardt

Streif Rock (photo negative, frame: pine, 58 x 60 cm, 2016, photo: Carolin Koch)

Esst mehr Obst! (paper, pilm, wooden letters, cubes, frame: pipe, 53 x 50 cm, 2016, photo: Carolin Koch)

Landschaftsspiel II (paper, pawn in a game, frame: birch multiplex, 40 x 53 cm, 2015, photo: Ignatz Deckardt)

Printed Frogs, CMYK/skala printed cut paper, birch multiplex frame, 58 x 54 cm, 2013, Photo: Ignatz Deckardt