How it all began…

PAULINA’S FRIENDS’ birth was in the Concept Mall Bikini Berlin nearby Kudamm in September 2016. We had a popup store for 6 months in a very vivid, “bazar-like” style. On display were interdisciplinary art and design objects of international designers in permanent change. The store was a very high investment, but also a huge success!

Then we moved to the Gartenstr. 114…

… in a permanent gallery space. Paulina and her artists & designers spent 3 whole years in Berlin-Mitte. A space, into which Paulina’s lifeblood flowed. The concept was retained, but the exhibitors, the rhythm, the opening hours, and finally the priorities completely changed. It turned out that chance and serendipity rules the store. In the end it turned out, that we don’t need a store in order to bring the spirit of PAULINA’S FRIENDS into the world.

The rest is history…

We are…

an independent concept store for art and design, for objects that inspire delight. Our pop-up store in Bikini Berlin and the online gallery will bring together emerging newcomers and established artists and designers alike. We discover, present and promote unique objects on the cutting edge of art and design — interdisciplinary, synergistic and interactive. Through our wide assortment and its dynamic, salon-style presentation we will set ourselves apart from the listless monotony of the world of consumerism. On our platform, international writers, curators and journalists will discuss innovative perspectives in the arts, aesthetics, and all that makes life delightful and worthwhile. Paulina’s Friends will also function as a resource for consulting and unconventional art dealing, with a focus on creativity and new ventures.

We love…

imaginative creations which are regularly revised and renewed. These include high-end art (painting, drawing, sculpture, room objects, photography) hand-picked designer fashion, both new and second-hand (vintage clothing, acessories) art jewery and multi-functional design objects. All of our exhibits are timeless and one-of-a-kind, collector’s pieces which have been selected and curated with passion and care that goes beyond the ordinary. We have a weakness for timeless, carefully-selected things, which contain within them their own indelible story. We love chigh quality work that puts artistic quality and craftsmanship, originality, authenticity and plurality in the foreground.

Our clients…

are enthusiastic, discerning people with extravagant taste and sense of style. People who are drawn to enduring things, outside the mainstream. Who recognize that certain something that matters, even in art, design and fasion. We offer a cabinet of curiosities for browsing and discovering. Shopping at Paulina’s Friends will be an enriching and meaningful cultural experience. Every client, regardless of background, education and purchasing power will be professionally advised, with heart and mind. We will make special offers just for you. And we will happily ship your desired objects. Simply inquire on our website.

What distinguishes us…

are art and design objects that impart beauty, humor, love of life, eagerness to experiment, and profundity. Here, urban life, the culture of the workshop and sophisticated chic meld together. We understand art as a holistic experience. We set ourselves apart from the exclusivity and the elitism of the contemporary art world, which still meets handicraft with prejudice and stereotyping, opposed to artificially intellectualized concept art. Beauty is existential, and should therefore be accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our vision & mission…

develops a pioneering creative workspace, network and marketplace for an imaginative product culture of today. At the same time we see ourselves as a meeting place, which encourages creative exchange among peers. It is our endeavor to open up a richly-facetted perspectives and scope for art, its products its dealers and its consumers.


PAULINA’S FRIENDS is more than a concept store and online sales platform for art, design & vintage fashion. We consider ourselves as a creative agency with an extensive international network in the backgrund. We are working hard to transform your vision into a tangible success. And thereby to make you happier!

Here our range of services:

Around the Concept Store

  • Sale of art, design works, haute couture unique fashion
  • Events: Openings, artist talks, product promotions, presentations, private concerts, charity events, creative workshops, book presentations, tastings and dinners in a private atmoshere
  • Individual designs of wearable art (jewelery, objects, textiles, fashion)
  • Providing contacts for designing of bespoke pieces (furniture, objects, interior design, picture frames, restoration)
  • Investments in art fairs and external exhibitions with artists & desginern from our portfolio
  • Organizing exhibitions with international cooperation partners

Coaching artists & creatives 

  • Conceptual and curatorial work

  • Celfmarketing, business development, branding, strategic communications & sales management

  • Working out of your distinctive USP, forging identity, profile strengthening, efficient communication of your artistic statement

  • Recommendation Management, providing experts (artists, art mediators, collectors, art lovers)

  • Marketing & Public Relations

  • Fundraising (sponsoring, crowdfunding, project funding)

Engagement for art connoisserurs & collectors

  • Studio visits and organization of exclusive cultural trips (for example for museums’ circle of friends, cultural organizations)
  • Art Consulting – professional consultancy in terms of creating and augmenting of young art collections

Collaboration with companies and executives 

  •  Advice on the artistic arrangement of private and working spaces
  • Creating individual exhibition concepts incl. Curating, transport, building, organizing a vernissage, corporate hospitality etc.
  • Art Mediation as a support tool for your employee development, social commitment expansion, more credibility and confidence in the market
  • emotional, sustainable and innovative corporate communication through fascinating art & design objects that reflect your values

Did we spark your interest? 

We would gladly provide you some bespoke offers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!