Personalized wearable fashion, that touches the heart

Your artwork is a one-of-a-kind piece. Just like you – every human being is unique. Your style is more than what you’re wearing – it’s your unmistakable story.

This garment that shows your face, as well. The motifs are a part of yourself, a mirror of your memories, convictions, rituals, feelings, transitions, detours. They stand for that, what was, is or will be important to you. An essential yearning, an unlived dream, a crazy wish, a brave vision or whatever. A certain something important to you. Something that reminds you of what is important to you in your life. 
YOU  and your personality. 
Like a body tattoo, your second skin. 

Because, you & your authentic personality is your brand. It’s your sales recipe for success. You are the ambassador of your concepts. Your personality must be lived, experienced, implemented, staged, embodied. Living your identity makes you strong and attractive. And self-staging is so fantastic!

The fabrics of these customized & personalized garments are tailor-made in digital print by our creative agency. They put your art into the spotlight. On request, we can design a unique garment (for instance a bomber jacket) with your art also for your customers / fans / friends. They can simply choose their favorite motif, which expresses their personality and so they become the carriers of your message. The only one thing what we need is a high-resolution picture of your chosen motif. There are no borders here – everything is possible! 

I wear myself Sister Love