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Paulina Tsvetanova, Founder & CEO

Paulina Tsvetanova, Founder & CEO

I am a selfmade entrepreneur: fashion designer, author, enocourager, transformation artist, generalist, serendipity expert

PAULINA’S FRIENDS is a serendipity workshop, a business that most often resembles a traveling circus. Born out of necessity, uncertainty and the urge for creativity, autonomy and freedom, first as a concept store in Bikini Berlin, later as wunderkammer showroom in Berlin-Mitte. The missing financial resources were curse and blessing at the beginning of my self-employment. So I was virtually forced to go unorthodox, unconventional ways beyond the mainstream. Its concept unfolds in the chaos of permanent change. It needs no concept, no boundaries, no focus, no goal. Above all, PAULINA’S FRIENDS owes its success to the failure and the game with happy coincidences. Pure Life!

PAULINA’S FRIENDS is my lifelong dream, which was fulfilled in 2016. I always wanted to wear, curate and sell unusual, fine pieces for refined, non-conformist people. In this endeavor, one needn’t decide on a single medium or genre, on the contrary, all of the arts are brought together. Since my childhood,I have been seeking this vision, to build bridges between mutually-reinforcing worlds, to spark synergies and to open up new visual perspectives and feelings. Following my archaeological instinct for the hunt and her sense of beauty, I have always loved to unearth and curate treasures that many others cannot see. Even the composition of an outfit is a borderless, comprehensive art. I love creative exchange with people of all ages and cultures — to establish interpersonal relationships and cultivate authentic lifestyles is a labor of love.

I left my south-eastern European home Bulgaria as a young woman, in order to study art history, philosophy, byzantine art/ christian archeology, and later on cultural management. Many years of in-depth experience in the art world followed: I built up an european network for contemporary sculpture, managed a gallery, and worked as the marketing and distribution director for an art and design magazine. In addition, I have been actively involved in the organization and implementation of various renowned Berlin art fairs. Please check my CV in order to find more information about my background.