Ernst Petras

Ernst Petras

Square as a source element

The square is a symbol for silence and order. It provides orientation in the space for the people. It is a symbol of the limitation and therefore symbol of the shaping, or it indicates at the life level of the world(matter): East – west, south – north. It is marked by the same(identical) lengths and angle. This also applies for the cube in the three-dimensional expansion. With cutting the cubes Ernst Petras destroys this silence and order. He solves the borders, create restlessness and mess up to the chaos. The artists lets arise sculptures with absolutely new character which go away of the strict geometrical clearness to an open partly artistic ease. They step in a visible dialogue with the background.

Silver Tower
Cacacas at Night
Transient Red Cube

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Man in the middle
 cool cubs
Cobalt Cut Cube
Pure Stainless of the Destruction