Hannes Albert

Hannes Albert

“I saw a man in the oak wood and carved him up until he stood in front of me…”

… this vision has driven Hannes Albert since his intensive traditional training as a sculptor in Oberammergau. Wood sculpture makes his life magical and keeps him moving. His style is representational-figurative and thus a mirror for people. The artist connects himself intuitively and intensively with his theme or a person and a piece of wood. He fills his works with LIGHT and LIFE, in the process of creating messages that touch, strengthen and change people. The nature of the tree trunk, the traces of the manufacturing process, the steps of origin and unfinished places as an expression of tension and relaxation, wrested out in the creative process of playing, squirming, procrastinating, rejection, searching and confirming. To forget the learned, devotion, inspiration and philosophical thinking, not because he can, but because he has to. For Hannes Albert, all this means sculpture. If time lends timelessness to the whole, then it is art.



The eagle is a mighty, majestic animal. Kings, aristocratic houses, the Federal Republic of Germany have him as heraldic animal. With the Indians of North America, it symbolizes the great spirit. He pulls his circles confidently at great heights, uses thermals and currents to hover effortlessly. Contemplative, calm, calm, easy, light, waiting to surprise his prey at the right moment with high speed in a dive. The prey dies, completely surprised without fear within a few fractions of a second by the impact of the impact. No bloodbath, no slaughter, no long torture. Short, painless, precise. I had the idea for this work in a difficult life situation in which I felt discouraged and emaciated. And there I wished for the strength, accuracy, calmness and clarity of the eagle. The eagle’s ability to do the job at the right moment without a lot of attention.



Masai or the power of movement, upright posture, moving in nature and the power of centrality in one’s own centre. Massai as a symbol of inner alignment and balance. Standing on one leg in complete inner balance, the Massai gives you the power of concentration and meditation. In the interior view you can stop external movements and find strength and calmness. This inner equilibrium enables you to fly, reach great heights, travel long distances, gain new knowledge and reach a new level of consciousness. So others lose power and control over you and your being.

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