Peter Schlangenbader

Peter Schlangenbader

contemporary expressionist

Man as philosopher, fanatic, saint, monster, poet, as perpetrator and victim. Past, present, future, everything condenses to painting. Peter Schlangenbader reworks his pictures until they begin to speak: to convey a statement. Peter Schlangenbader about his art: “I am a Contemporary German Expressionist, my roots are from the cave-painters to DaDa, Art Brut and Punk. The wildlife is my fountain, I am possessed to paint and when I paint, I`m god and evil together and the canvas is my battlefield. When I take the brush in my hand I switch out my consciousness, I only feel the way it goes. Art is visible magic and an inner adventure, inspiration is decisive. I must grow over me and my borders. A central theme in my art is the head, in it works the brain,everything comes out of it, its the beginning and the end. The human being reels through a perverded wonderland and became his own biggest enemy. But mankind never gave up its longing to the paradise.”

Philosoph Interstellar
Liebespaar und Komet

acrylic & oil on canvas, prices on request

Der Durchblicker