Be your own fame & SHINE ON!

VISIONARY EYECATCHA is neither a fashionlabel nor an artform. The connection exist out of crea- tive spectrum, which isn´t countable in guidlines, but rather consist out of the box. Therefore the desi- gner and the visionary behind, Ebru Özyürek, calls herself Creative Inspector. Wheter creating Styling/ Photography, Reconstruction Design also known as „Costumzing“ or opulent staged fashion, every piece and every part is designed with special dedication. The indispensable ressistance at the fusion these crea- tive scenarios stands out of optical brilliance, visual final touch and hand finished design work. Oriental impressions, ecological production processes with unique jewellery material, focusing the design items. Tradition of the wearers: Inspiration and values, from design into manufacturing everything take place in Berlin. Holymission: Be your own fame & SHINE ON! Reflection is perfection.

UNITED – Knalleffekte

Caught between grey prefabricated buildings, in contrast with over done posters on the wall standing in neon-colors, presents UNITED-Knalleffekte the vividness of Ebru Özyüreks hometown Berlin. In the same time it expresses the model „Knalleffekte“ which explains the creative scene and diversity Berlins out. The varying backgrounds of the East Side Gallery symbolizes the solidarity, which carries Ebru Özyüreks Vision.

Vision, creation & photography: Ebru Özyürek

Model: Andy Jerez

Location: East Side Gallery

Knalleffekte canvas prints each 150 €, 2 prints 250 €

UNITED Jacket: 2.500 € inclusive canvas

Holy Cover

Limited, eco-friendly line – Karma Couture presents „Holy Cover“. This high end accessories combines the urban culture in Berlin with the aesthetics of the mysterious Orient. Each handmade jewellery piece of the decorated hat is produced individually, not in industrial factories, but in a small family business, for respecting human rights and to follow proactive fairtrade fashion. 10% of the income will be donated to the „life needs water“ foundation. The hand-dyed headpieces include the ecological color WEJA and are available in 3 colors. (cosmic galaxy/sundipped/skyhigh)

Image pictures, concept & creation: Ebru Özyürek

product shoot & retouch: Sybille Gburek

169 €

Costumized Nat-2

Through the cooperation with the company „Nat-2“ from munich became the Transformer Edition an indivdual design piece. In reconstruction design, known as „costumizing“ puts original ideas as surface design, for this design wishes are free selectable. The specialialty of the lace-up shoes: it is including 5 shoe pieces for putting them together, there are many varieties available to wear them easy through clicking buttons and other extras of the unique sneaker modell are waiting for you.

Vision, reconstruction design & photography: Ebru Özyürek

NAT-2 Transformers: 189 €

Adidas: 329 €