Can you apply to become an artist/designer with PAULINA’S FRIENDS?
Typically, we seek out our artists / designers ourselves, or find them through recommendations from expert friends and colleagues. But you can also apply with us informally. We will send you the conditions for representation on our website separately.

What are the criteria for selecting artists / designers?
Paulina carefully hand-selects her artists according to the following criteria: authenticity, quality, openness/impartiality. We try to focus on mostly undiscovered talents, preferably those who are not already represented in Berlin. Chemistry is also very important — the dynamic between Paulina and the artists/designers must be right, so the relationship is beneficial for both parties. Representation at Paulina’s Friends is based on a relationship of complete trust and mutual respect.

If I am interested in a product, how can I order it?
Just click on the “Curious” button and send an inquiry. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Is PAULINA’S FRIENDS just an online gallery or is there a permanent, physical shop?
There is a physical store in the Gartenstr. 114, Berlin-Mitte, since March 2017.

Will I find all of the pieces from the Concept Store in the online gallery and vice versa?
No, we have a very different assortment in the Shop and online. Please drop in from time to time, you can always be surprised!

Why is PAULINA’S FRIENDS a concept store and not a classic art gallery?
Paulina opens up new perspectives for the art scene by deliberately combining the format of the gallery with the format of the Concept Store. The classic, minimalist curated White Cube gallery is out of date, we believe in the synergistic effect created by the deliberate staging of art + design in “commercial” hotspots.

Why art, design & vintage, what has the one thing to do with the other?
This mixture is a “retro-futuristic” product – the union of the contemporary language of form in art + design with the longing for the “patina” of the past, the constant. All of the pieces we offer are tied together by their uniqueness.

If an item has already been sold, can it be reordered?
No, they are unique. Some design objects belong to a limited-edition small series. However, we encourage you to look for similar-looking products from the same artist, for example.

If I order a vintage item of clothing online and find that it does not suit me so well, can I return it?
We ask that you refrain from doing this. Our pieces are lovingly and diligently selected as part of a long process. These are curated articles, which were specially photographed and staged for you. They are collectors-items with an unmistakable story, the kinds of items you fall in love with and from which you never want to part again. Check out our General Terms and Conditions more.

Can I contribute to the online magazine (as author, curator, art historian, journalist) etc.?
We warmly welcome it. We are always looking for good authors who need a platform for their thoughts. Just send us your ideas and suggestions. We promote these with all possible marketing tools.

How can I use PAULINA’S FRIENDS agency services? What can the agency do for me and how much does it cost?
Please have a look at our offerings under “Services”. We are happy to tailor personalized service packages. Prices are calculated individually according to scope and content.

How often does PAULINA’S FRIENDS newsletter appear? Who gets the newsletter?
The newsletter is published regularly, but not too often. In this day and age we’re flooded with newsletters and aggressive marketing campaigns. At PAULINA’S FRIENDS, we are conscious of this, so we err on the side of reluctance. News from PAULINA’S FRIENDS artists and designers (for example, new pieces in the gallery), new vintage fashion products, news from the shop, and many more exciting topics are reported in our online magazine. Our newsletter subscribers are lovers of arts and culture, and style-conscious and fashion-conscious individualists with an eye for high-quality design. Simply subscribe and start exploring!