Heartbeat – Art in conversation with vintage fashion by Susanne Zinser
Dialog zwischen Kunst und Vintage Mode

The intervention of art and fashion is very ‘in’ in the contemporary design scene. Clothes reference visual art. Fashion is often used as a formal language of ‘free’ art, but both are indispensable in everyday life.

In the exhibition ‘Heartbeat’, a dialogue takes place between the paintings by Susanne Zinser and the Vintage designer clothing found in Paulina’s Friends concept gallery. Art and fashion meet on the same level, and this presents a great incentive to experiment with this flirtation – a game of mutual attraction and rejection.

Through the use of vivid, colour-intensive textures, Susanne Zinser’s artwork enchants. Both her themes and materials offer a poetic, feminine view of the world. If there is a word for the sensations evoked by her images, it is ‘synaesthesia’ – the unity of senses. They are passionate and full of emotion, both joie de vivre and melancholy. Their ability to touch occurs in the way a garment touches the skin. Some paintings recall a mix of different materials. When observing Zinser’s work, it may be that an old favorite blouse has now become a picture.

The aesthetic culmination of the exhibition is reached through the fusion of creations: art and fashion merge into an eclectic overall artwork and open up a new visual dimension. The formation of the compositions is a mixture of theatrical production and synergetic coincidence. Both take place intuitively in the moment.

Through the interplay of bright colors, organic forms, complex patterns and three-dimensional formations, a sense of harmony is captivated. The connecting elements are always the attraction, the coherence and the parallels between the art forms. This surrealist-futurist way of viewing speaks a postmodern visual language, thinking in perceived abstract realities.

‘Heartbeat’ embodies the idea of optical unity between art and life. It sensitises our visual habits and develops new ways of thinking, to strengthen the perception of art in our everyday urban environments. Paulina’s Friends encourage and are committed to the organic development of creative genres, without any definitions and conditions. This offers perspective for common confrontation with contemporary art – it should be communicative, interactive, unbiased – to set the grounds for a new creative lifestyle.


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