Julia Antonia

Julia Antonia

“The music expresses what cannot be said and is impossible to silence.” – Victor Hugo

“That is the way painting can be. I like pictures where the viewer senses what cannot be expressed with words, and what I cannot express as the “creator.” When images develop and maintain their own character, almost strangeness, to me, I do not control them with my mind. The healer of art begins to paint only when it does not force images to subordinate myself to my ego, taste, or judgment. For this work, I drew from chance, blindness, dreams, my four-year-old daughter, my dog, the wind, and music. Drawing, painting, making music, and any other form of art are separate languages that can be understood on their own. They are languages of love even when they discuss about loneliness, loss, pain or war. I experience the healing power of art when I devote myself to its language.

Julia Antonia is a Masters student at the UdK and works in the fields of drawing, painting, objects, video, performance, and violin.


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