Crazy Colour Cafe

Crazy Colour Cafe

Crazy Colour Cafe

Crazy Colour Cafe´

The Berliner Biscuit Queen invites you to the Workshop-Cafe´Crazy Colour.
Every SUNDAY, 12-19 h in an inspiring, artful, comfortable & communicative mood.

You get sick of your four walls?
Then come to our Crazy Colour Cafe´!

Be creative, meet others, clap and chat.

The artist Heike Jederlein, alias the Berlin Buiscuit Queen, comes originally from the far north. There, where the tradition of „Klönschnacks“ is good form and maintained with relish. Having a “Klönschnack” people gossip, drink and done manual labor, such as crochet and knit.


Now, the Biscuit Queen wants to continue this tradition in the

Crazy Colour Cafe´
The Bisquit Queen is host and inspirer for your unique biscuits made of
salt dough (such as brooches, pendants) and edible dough that you can create in the cafe. We will „keksen“ (means: biscuits and gossip in one) and drink coffee in a homely atmosphere.

Take a look inside the Crazy Colour Cafe´ and become a part
of the enjoyable art happenings at Paulina‘s Friends!

Here some more input:

true beauty does not age

true beauty does not age

This poetic photo series is a hommage of timeless beauty.

bomber jacket “wild tiger”, water proof, quilted, digital print, unique piece, unisex, 280 €; t-Shirt by PF (original drawings in digital print), 45 € (sold); silk scarf by cedostopía, 180 €; turban by BABADO, 20 €; in the background light art object “Cehris” by Herbert Stecher / ART LUMINARI, 2.250 €


photos: Nora dal Cero

concept & styling: Paulina Tsvetanova

model: Anna von Rüden

makeup & hair: Benedikta Ársælsdóttir


Our favorite photographer from Switzerland Nora Dal Cero captured Anna von Rüden in enchanting pictures with the fashion of PAULINA’S FRIENDS and accessories by designers of the Concept Gallery as part of the light art exhibition of ART LUMINARI. As always, high quality, perfectly crafted art and design objects by creatives from our program.




The transience of nature is the most natural process in the universe par excellence. Aging is part of life. We are permanently confronted with the topic of aging – some of us feel a panic, steer towards an identity crisis and, for fear of aging, even have to run to a psychotherapist. A self imposed punishment for being mortal. Nodody looking forward to getting older – why? While we age, we get reminded of our transience and mortality, of the uncontrollability of natural processes – an eerie notion we are reluctant to confront.

It is a matter of course that the value of valuable, expensive items such as a vintage piece of furniture, a vintage car, a historic real estate building or an artwork from an auction house by a well-known artist rise with age.



Whereas in the media unlimited youthfulness and perfection are propagated. We always want to suggest that our value as humans and our attractiveness will shrink over time if we don’t buy expensive natural cosmetics or inject ourselves with botox. Ultimately, we should stay young and desirable forever.

Actually, it’s just the opposite. The older we get – the more attractive! Our wrinkles tell unmistakable, unique stories of feelings, passion, paths and detours, challenges, lessons, surrendipity … A soulful personality, who has experienced a lot, carries a sparkling spirit that never settles down. Always young and dynamic.



Only in old age do we have the luxury of being able to perceive things without having to control them. In this sense, aging is also a liberation: from claims that people place on themselves and on others. Life in old age can offer more opportunities and unexpected, exciting challenges than at a young age. Time opens up completely new, unimaginable dimensions, one experiences life as a constant adventure.

Personal maturity and self-love is what grows and grows over time as we age. What makes us humans timeless? Isn’t the unmistakable inner beauty and the authenticity of our character that what us timeless makes?




What is done, worn, collected with love, remains timelessly beautiful. Love makes things and people timeless. Love, eat, drink and wear your clothes with love.

PAULINA’S FRIENDS stands for timeless beauty beyond all common definitions, clichés & all short-lived trends.